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Breaking News on the Antikythera Mechanism

Antikythera Mechanism

Bright ideas, sometimes known as those "a-ha" moments in a scientist's life, are what make science news so interesting. For centuries, science was a nebulous area, something that was dabbled in but never taken seriously. Science news, a few centuries ago, was probably viewed in much the same way as we view tabloid papers today. However, thanks to brilliant forward thinkers like Louis Pasteur, Marie Curie, Albert Einstein and many others, science has grown exponentially. Science news separates the facts from science fiction.

With the population of the world as vast as it is, people need science news to keep abreast of the numerous advances in technology. These technological advances pave the way for scientists to go farther in their studies, learn more and accomplish amazing things. Without science news, the world would be ignorant of the various breakthroughs in space travel, medicine and engineering.

Science news brings the scientific community into your home, front and center. From researching how to make your own chemical-free pesticides to learning about asteroids and comets, science news brings the best of all fields of science to you. What kind of science appeals to you? Earth science can be reported as anything from drilling for oil to melting glaciers to discovering dinosaur bones.

Science news also encompasses chemistry, physics, biology, and zoology and rocket science. Breakthroughs in agriculture, medicine, computers, animal behavior and even technological advances in robotics are considered science news too. The great thing about living in the twenty-first century is access to the latest breaking news around the world.

No matter what the medium, science news is broad reaching. Everyone in the world is in some way affected by science. Without science news being reported, our doctors would not know the latest non-invasive surgical procedures. A stay-at-home mom would not be able to research the side effects of a vaccine on her child. Farmers would not learn about the latest environmentally friendly pesticides. A high school student, without access to science news, would not be able to write his term paper about the effects of global warming.

The word science has many definitions. That is why science news is global in scope. It is global in that it affects everyone in the world. Every living thing is linked to some sort of science. And thanks to science news, we get to learn about those links and how they fit into our lives.